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Kauno stiklas factory was established in 1927.

Kaunas stiklas factory was established in 1927. Over the years, the factory grew, improved its production technology, increased production volumes and expanded its product range until it became the largest producer of coloured glass bottles in Lithuania.

The glass is largely made from raw materials found in nature (sand, chalk, dolomite, feldspar, anhydrite, carbon, etc.) and the glass itself is non-porous and hermetically sealed, so that there is no reaction between the glass packaging and the product, i.e. no effect on the taste and aroma of the food or drink.

In addition, glass packaging can be produced in a wide range of colours, designs and sizes, which can add distinctiveness and appeal to the end user.

The factory currently produces 0.275 – 1.0 L bottles in various shades of green and brown glass for a wide range of drinks.

The company is always ready to design and produce not only standardised bottles or bottles for famous customers, but also to take into account the needs of each customer and the technical parameters of the individual bottle design.

The bottles produced at the factory have been awarded the Lithuanian Product of the Year award several times.


Modernising the company

The company continuously invests in both production and repair equipment and new technologies. The biggest investments in the last decade:

In September 2011, a modern Techglass glass melting furnace was installed at the plant, which has enabled the company to efficiently increase the productivity and quality of glass melting and reduce energy costs, with a corresponding reduction in environmental impact.
The latest generation of FleXinspect-T bottle quality inspection machines were purchased in 2012-2014.
In 2017, two additional FleXinspect-C bottle quality control units were installed to further improve bottle quality control.
In 2020, the latest generation of the AIS-8 glass forming machine from the world’s leading manufacturer Emhart Glass was installed, capable of transforming both 2 and 3 gobs of glass into bottles at a time.
In 2022, the latest Flex-T control software for inspection equipment was installed using the latest LED inspection technology.


Ready to help you with a wide range of issues

Ecology and sustainability

100% sorted and remelted glass cullet. Other secondary raw materials are recycled.

Standardised and customised design

The company not only produces standardised bottles, but can also respond to individual design needs.

Different glass colours

The factory currently produces bottles from 0.275 to 1.0 L in various shades of green and brown glass.

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    Product of the Year Award

    UAB “Kauno stiklas” has been awarded the Lithuanian product of the year award several times. We are also proud to cooperate with such beverage manufacturers as Carlsberg A/S and UAB Švyturys-Utenos alus, UAB Kalnapilio-Tauro grupė, AB Volfas Engelman, AB Alita, AB Stumbras, UAB Boslita ir Ko., Aldaris AS (Latvia), Saku Olletehase AS (Estonia), A Le Coq AS (Estonia), Cesu alus AS (Latvia), Galatea AB (Sweden), Kiviks Group AB (Sweden) and others.

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