Kauno stiklas

  • Bottle forming
  • Unique orders
  • Recycling of glass waste

Computerised production process

The factory currently produces bottles in different configurations from 0,275 to 1,0 L in various shades of green and brown glass for a wide range of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.
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Glass cullet remelted during the year
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Various bottles produced per year

Contribution to the circular economy

Glass is 100% recyclable

This can happen an unlimited number of times without any negative impact on the quality of the glass or its contamination.

Maximum benefits

As much as 70-75% of re-melted cullet are put into the batch, ensuring the unique sustainability of the glass packaging and the preservation of nature. Plastic and metal waste separated from the unsorted cullet is sent for further recycling.

ISO certificates

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    Product of the Year Award

    UAB “Kauno stiklas” has been awarded the Lithuanian product of the year award several times. We are also proud to cooperate with such beverage manufacturers as Carlsberg A/S and UAB Švyturys-Utenos alus, UAB Kalnapilio-Tauro grupė, AB Volfas Engelman, AB Alita, AB Stumbras, UAB Boslita ir Ko., Aldaris AS (Latvia), Saku Olletehase AS (Estonia), A Le Coq AS (Estonia), Cesu alus AS (Latvia), Galatea AB (Sweden), Kiviks Group AB (Sweden) and others.

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