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Kaunas Glass factory started its activity in 1927. From year to year the factory grew, improved production technology, increased production volume as well as expanded production assortment and it helped to become the biggest producer of colored glass bottles in Lithuania.

At present there are produced bottles of the capacity from 0.33 to 0.75 Liter of various nuances of green and brown colors for various drinks.

Emhart Glass production line with sectional IS-6 5 ½" bottle forming machine, computerized quality inspection and packing equipment allowed to produce glass bottles of up-to-date design noting by high technical indicators and attractive merchant appearance. However in order to improve the meeting of customer demands as well to increase the production capacity there was installed an additional more modern production line with sectional IS-6 forming machine being able to produce by NNPB (Narrow Neck Press&Blow) lightweight and thin wall bottles in the year 2008. Proper production people improved their qualification at Emhart Glass Training Center in Sweden.

Furthermore in the year 2009 there was installed a modern line of Austrian company Binder+Co. for cullet sorting and separation from metal and other impurities. It allowed to improve quality of glass melt and to contribute the realization of ecological solutions in Lithuania.

The bottles produced in the factory were awarded with award - Lithuanian Product of the Year - for several times. We are also proud being able to co-operate with such fillers as Carlsberg A/S and UAB "Švyturio-Utenos alus", UAB „Kalnapilio-Tauro grupė", A/S Aldaris, Saku Olletehase AS, AB „Alita", UAB „Boslita ir Ko.", UAB „Italiana Lt" and others.

Moreover we are always ready to produce not only standardized bottles or bottles of famous customers but also to take into consideration demands of each customer as well as technical parameters of individual bottle design.

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